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Renovating concrete stairs:
For a more beautiful appearance and better safety

Old and uneven concrete stairs are not only visually unappealing, but can also pose a trip hazard. Your concrete stairs can be perfectly renovated with the right PROBAU products from your BAUHAUS specialist centre.

This is how it works:

An old, uneven, worn out concrete staircase is to be renovated. 

First, thoroughly clean the stairs. Loose, sandy material must be removed.

Use a straight edge to determine the height differences to be evened out.

Soak the stairs thoroughly with a brush so as to ensure dust suppression and to improve the adhesive bond.

Then mix PROBAU Concrete and Restoration Filler as a spreadable liquid bonding bridge and apply with the brush to act as a primer.

Temporary formwork on the stairs facilitates accurate work.

Then mix PROBAU Concrete and Restoration Filler using an agitator and a drill – this time precisely according to the instructions on the packaging as a ductile compound.

Spread the compound evenly using a steel smoothing trowel ...
... and smooth out. Edges and corners can be worked over with a damp paintbrush or brush.
And that's all there is to it: Your old stairs look as good as new.
Finally, surfaces can be brushed with a damp paintbrush ...
... or larger areas can be brushed with a clean and damp brush.

Good to know: If formwork has to be used, or gradients are to be created, self-levelling compounds cannot be used. In this case, ductile floor compounds are applied. PROBAU Concrete and Restoration Filler is fibre reinforced and characterised by a high final strength. After hardening, the compound is watertight and frost-resistant. Extra tip: The two-fold use of PROBAU Concrete and Restoration Filler for bonding and for levelling eliminates the need for a primer.

Everything you need:

  • Broom
  • Brushes
  • Paintbrush
  • Spirit level
  • Straight edge
  • Mortar bucket
  • Drill with an agitator
  • Steel smoothing trowel