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Tidy tiles:
Tiling Staircases

Beautiful tiles are a good solution in many areas of the house – whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living rooms.
You can only find the matching PROBAU quality products for your tiling project in your BAUHAUS centre.

This is how it works:

An entrance staircase in the unprocessed state: Quickly tiled with PROBAU Quick Flexible Adhesive, the stairs can be used again after about 2 hours.

Initially lay the stair plates "dry" in order to make the connections and the layout visible (consider the joints!). The angle pieces remain free.

At the angles, the tiles have to be mitred: with spirit level and ruler, accurately measure the angles individually.
Now transfer the dimensions to the tile.
Cut using the angle grinder. Wear protective goggles!
Mix the tile adhesive and apply with a notched trowel on the stair tread first and then onto the riser of each level.
Begin with the stair tiles left and right of the angled step. Insert the mitred pieces into the adhesive bed and tap with the hammer.
Then place the riser tiles of this step according to the laying pattern of the steps and hammer in.
Proceed the same way on the next steps. In the process, ensure uniform joints between the stair tread tiles and the underlying riser tiles using joint nibs.
Remove any adhesive from the steps after the stair head has been glued.
The stair head joints should be positioned according to the laying pattern of the steps.
After only about 2 hours, the finished staircase can be sealed with PROBAU Flexible Tile Grout.

Good to know: For calculating the required quantity of tiles, measure each of the stair dimensions and add them together: Treads (number, width, depth) plus risers (number, height, width) plus stair head. Always add 30% for offcuts!

Everything you need:

  • Trowel
  • Notched trowel
  • Rubber hammer
  • Ruler
  • Spirit level
  • Steel square
  • Tile corners
  • Tile adjusting plate
  • Angle grinder
  • Tile cutter
  • Mortar bucket