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Make Sure it Sticks
As it all relies on a firm basis

Build on solid ground ...

... no matter whether indoors or outdoors, the bond between the substrate and the subsequent construction must "hold". Select the best basis for the subsequent coating, using PROBAU Primer, Deep Primer or Bonding Emulsion from your BAUHAUS Centre.

This is how it works:

PROBAU Silica Primer can be applied with a brush or roller, is easy to use and dries quickly. It is used as a bonding bridge on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces (such as tiles, old ceramic tiled surfaces, smooth formed concrete etc.) as well as under tiles and levelling compounds and in conjunction with subsequently applied bonding-sealant layers for outdoor floors. It can also be applied on rigid wooden surfaces indoors, and on old, permanently bonded, water-resistant carpet adhesive residues.

PROBAU Deep Primer is used to pretreat highly absorbent surfaces in order to regulate their absorbency. Suitable substrates for treatment are plaster, concrete, masonry and gypsum plasterboard. Slightly sanding or powdering surfaces are strengthened. For indoor and outdoor applications.

PROBAU Bonding Emulsion is a high-quality, solvent-free polymer emulsion. It is ready to use and enhances the water blocking action of the mortar. When used as a primer, the bonding and adhesive properties between the substrate and mortar are greatly improved. The bonding emulsion is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

PROBAU Cement Film Remover easily removes efflorescence and leaching on masonry and concrete. Light soiling can also be removed.

Good to know: On highly sandy, or non load-bearing substrates, loose parts must be completely removed, as subsequent layers can barely adhere to such surfaces.

Everything you need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Spatula
  • Paint brush /brush
  • Bucket
  • Sponge